Are you a Crazy Plant Lady/Person? We’re here to tell you, you’re not crazy at all! Indoor plants are a beautiful way to brighten up your home while enjoying a vast variety of colors and textures. Not only are plants beautiful, but they also have health benefits including decreasing drowsiness, stress, headache, allergies and congestion.

At Sweet Love Blossoms we take pride in having a unique variety of indoor plants and succulents. When choosing a plant in our shop you can also browse the wide variety of eclectic containers and pots. We also create by hand terrariums and succulent gardens to enjoy in your home or office. And if you’re looking for something specific just ask! We’re happy to take custom orders.

Here’s what you can expect when purchasing a plant from us:

  • Browse the common varieties available on our website.
  • Visit our shop to browse the specific varieties available and let us know if you’d like us to order something you don’t see!
  • Choose your new plant friend and we’ll pot it in the container of your choosing.
  • Enjoy the new addition to your plant family!


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